Friday, April 29, 2005

Hotel George - Tea in the Bar

On Day 5, I met a friend for tea at the Hotel Georgia. We had tea in the hotel bar, which was not your average bar! It was nicely furnished and tucked into a quiet corner of the hotel. It had cheetah print wallpaper and leather chairs.

The photo below shows the teapots we used. Historically, I haven't been drawn to this style of teapot. I found the stainless steel lid to be a break in form with the rest of the body. But after using the teapot and viewing it up close, it grew on me! I like the size, perfect for about 2-3 cups of tea. I also like the shape of the body.

I chose a jasmine green tea and my friend chose a black vanilla. Both were high-quality loose teas, tho they were served in silk teabags. There was room for the tea to expand and experience the "agony of the leaf", so I was satisfied.

This tea was comfortable and cozy. I could imagine taking tea at an English pub. The food presentation was the nicest I'd seen in BC. The sandwiches were beautifully garnished! It was a wonderful afternoon treat, and I was especially blessed to enjoy it with my special tea friend!

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