Monday, November 20, 2006

List of Current Teas

Here is the list of my current teas. If you are interested in placing an order, send an e-mail to Teas in green are on sale.


Current List of Teas
All teas are $2.50/ounce (plus sales tax), unless otherwise noted.
All teas are from estates that have been audited for social responsibility by the
Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP).

Black Teas

  • Angel's Dream - Flavored with maple sweetness, blackberry pungency.
  • Out of stock - will be reordered in next batch. Apricot - Scented and flavored with natural apricot oil and rind.
  • Chai - Black tea flavored with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and a secret spice. Normally $2.75/oz - on sale for $2.50/oz.
  • Chocolate Mint - An after dinner tea. Chocolate mint is a base of black Ceylon that has been infused with the chocolate mint herb. Best taken solo or with a smidgen of sugar. People either love it or hate it. One customer uses as potpourri.
  • English Breakfast - Traditional British favorite. A blend of several black teas.
  • Ice Wine - Tea that is scented/flavored with Canadian Ice Wine. Heavenly with chocolate!
  • Earl Grey - This uniquely-flavored tea gets its distinctness from the natural oil of bergamot (a Mediterranean fruit).
  • Lady Londonberry - A favorite among Serendipity Teas customers! Hints of strawberry and lemon.


  • Black Currant - Intense black currant flavor. A best seller even among those who don't mind the caffeine. - $2.75/oz.

Green Teas

  • Jasmine with Flowers - A green Jasmine tea with Jasmine blossoms. One of my favorites.
  • Gen Mai Cha - Also known as popcorn tea or brown rice tea. This tea is a specialty Japanese green sencha blended with fire-toasted rice. The rice gives a nutty aroma and subtle taste to the blend.


Pu-erh tea (pronounced Pu-Air) is for serious tea drinkers! This black tea is famed for its medicinal properties. The leaves come from the Yunnan Dayeh variety of tea tree - which is purported to be closely related to the original tea tree of pre-glacial times. The tea leaves are picked, rolled, withered in the hot sun, after which they are steamed and pressed into cakes. The steaming process generates some moisture and when compressed (without drying) into the cakes, in the course of time the tea takes on a musty and earthy character. Pu-erh that gets somewhat moldy before it naturally dries is considered the best. Pu-erh is then stored for years. Interestingly, the taste of pu-erh becomes more mellow with age and perhaps more acceptable to the western palate.

  • Pu-Erh Beeng Cha - A pu-erh cake tea made from 7 layers of pu-erh and compressed. This Beeng Cha is 2 years old. - $3.00/oz.


Anonymous said...

There's no tea list showing.

And darn that that pumpkin pie looks tastey. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Anonymous said...

Bummer about your site! I'm sure tea will still be a huge part of your life, though. :)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful class today. I'm going to check with some friends to see about arranging a tea-tasting, because I'd like to try some of the teas you sell before picking them up (I'm very glad to see that you sell socially responsible teas!)

Many thanks, and good luck to you.

Unknown said...

Dear Steph,

I attended your class through people's university, and at the time you mentioned that you do tea tastings. My birthday is coming up and I'd like to arrange a tea party and tea tasting for some friends. Unfortunately, I can't find the card you gave me with your contact info, and your email doesn't seem to be listed on this blog. If you could email me about doing a tea-tasting for around 10 people, on or around November 4th, that would be keen.

Many thanks,

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