Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Thief's Bounty

I'm a thief, and my team at Big Company are accomplices!

Last night, two of my sweet co-workers filled in for me! I was supposed to teach a class from 8 - 11 pm my time (to students in Asia), and two folks covered for me so that I could have the evening free. This was a very wonderful gift, as I'm preparing for a tea party at my house tonight.

I spent part of the time thieving! I took my trusty hand clippers and stole some holly branches from a bush in front of a building downtown. I am an ethical thief, if there can be such a thing. I chose carefully which branches I would remove. I only took holly branches from the back and side. No one will ever notice, I tell myself!

Here is the result of my work. If Big Company every decides to live without me, maybe I have a career with FTD Floral!

I'm calling this time last night my "Martha moment."
Here's how to create this.

1 - Go and steal some pretty branches from your neighbor's pine tree and a public holly bush. (The neighbor won't mind b/c she's coming to the tea party. The only people that might notice the missing holly are the smokers, and that's if they drop their cig and are crawling on the ground looking for it.)

2 - Dig out your cake plate and attach a Styrofoam floral ring (green) to it with florist clay.

3 - Stick the green branches around the floral ring, all facing the same direction. Think of making a crown. I found that using a blunt, rounded chopstick to poke a hole in the ring made it a lot easier to insert the branches.

4 - Add the holly berries to fill in and show color. (Did I mention that wearing gloves might be a good idea? Both the pine branches and holly are prickly!)

5 - Add more greenery to fill in the gaps.

6 - Cut a piece of green florist foam to the right height for the middle riser. (This will hold a candle.)

7 - Position a pretty candle on top of it, and stick it on the foam with double-sided tape. (So it's less likely to fall off and start a fire. This was the practical addition from the DH.)

8 - Stick pretty things in the riser block so that you don't see much of the Styrofoam.

9 - Place in an appropriate spot in your home and enjoy. Oh, and you may want to light the candle. I forgot that part for the photos!


Steph said...

I forgot the instructions about tying the bow around the ring, to hide the green styrofoam.

Anonymous said...

I want to know if you dressed in black for your secret mission. I had visions of you peeking around holly bushes making sure the coast is clear before clipping. You wild woman!

The holly ring is BEAUTIFUL! You do such nice work. Enjoy your tea party tonight.

Your Big Company Accomplice ;-)

Anonymous said...

And your second Big Company Accomplice had a wonderful cup of Iced Wine Tea to help her get through the class...thanks to you of course. Enjoy that party tonight.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It turned out really great! Have fun tonight.

Anonymous said...

Your candle ring is beautiful, but I am going to need to talk to you about your "stealing of public property". (your mother wouldn't do anything like that) Glad your tea party was a success.

Anonymous said...

Whoa...really branching out there with the crime stephanie! I think it is funny that someone 'covers' you at a time no one should be working!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is really lovely! Good theiving and arranging!