Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'll Take 22

22 degrees and breezy. It's sunny, but those clear skies are deceptive. No clouds to blanket the earth and hold in the heat. I'm heading out for a morning run. Solo run today. I don't wear my watch. I have a general sense of the distance (about 4 miles), but I don't worry about the time today.

I'm just not a gym girl. I have gone to gyms in the past, but mostly for yoga or the pool. I much, much, much prefer to take my exercise outside. Even when it's 22 degrees. I don't usually start out thinking that way. It starts out like, "Oh, gosh - it's cold! I'm tired. I don't want to run." But I pull on my gear and nudge myself out the door.

Like 22, I think in pairs. 2 sets of socks, 2 pairs of tights, 2 shirts, 1 jacket (double lined), a face mask and a stocking cap. The DH would smother in this get-up, but I'm quite comfy. I do NOT like to be cold!

Normally, I walk for the first 5 minutes, but when it's this cold, there is no "warm up" period with walking. I just get colder by the minute. I'm at the corner, and I break into a shuffle. Within a minute, and I'm at my pace.

On the way out, I have moments of doubt when I think I'm over dressed. I'm sweating. Then I hit the turnaround spot, and poof! The wind is now in my face. Nope, not over dressed. Swish-swish-swish. My nylon coat and pants make a soothing sound as I move along. I probably look quite funny.

My run through campus is beautiful. I look at all the students and their varying array of outfits. The winner today is a woman who has on a short skirt and bare legs, with heels. These sidewalks are icy and she's wearing heels! I hope she doesn't bust her butt.

The wind is still hitting me in the face, but I'm warm enough now that it doesn't sting. It's so good to be outside and breathe the fresh air. (We don't have many bad air days here.) The sun is sparkling off the remaining snow and the evergreen trees are lovely. I'll take this any day over a smelly, hot, sticky gym. I'm just not a gym girl.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie! That's why we do it...nothing compares to a good run. My borrowed motto "any day that I am too busy to run is a day that I am too busy".

Anonymous said...

It was 38 cold California degrees when I ran this morning and I thought I might actually freeze my lips off (it is always my lips that get cold!). You're tougher than I am- 22 would have kept me inside on the treadmill! Sounds like a lovely run, though.