Monday, January 01, 2007

An Update on ADHD

Happy 2007!

For those of you that wanted an update on A Dear Hubby's Dilemma....

The dear hubby paid a visit to the Public Works department of the city.

The good news...
Though the truck looked like a regular garbage truck, it actually has two compartments. One compartment is for cardboard and newspaper. The other is for glass, plastic and metal.

The contents are taken to a large warehouse and dumped out separately. The contents are hand sorted. Unfortunately, there usually is some breakage of glass that can't be recycled.

The DH was relieved to learn that his worst fears were not true. The recycling is not going to the landfill.

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Anonymous said...

That is good news! We actually have people that work at our landfill that go through all of the trash and pull out the recycleables. Not a job I'd want, but I'm glad that my city is recycling!