Sunday, February 24, 2008

February Tea: Celebration of Friendship

This weekend I hosted my February Tea, a celebration of friendship. It was a joyful evening for me! Four intrepid friends ventured out into a very wintry night. One friend was iced into her apartment, but we sent her good thoughts (and I'll have a special tea for her!). The wintry setting was perfect for the warm glow of candlelight and steamy cups of tea!

Below are a few photos from the event. In the next few days, I will blog about the menu. I think you'll find the menu to be interesting because it was simple to make, vegetarian and included gluten-free and lactose-free items.

The color scheme was pink and cream. I used my new tablecloth and napkins, which perfectly matched my Dessert Rose pottery. I also decorated with this sweet set of teapot-shaped candle/vase/placecard holders that looked beautiful on the table (a gift from my Western tea-loving friends). A prettily set table is something that always brings me joy.

A special thank you to my friends for being the brightest points of light and warmth throughout the evening!

The tea table
(And special thanks to the Cake Goddess for the splendid photos!)

Desert rose pottery

I borrowed this lovely teapot. The decorative flowers on the pot worked so well with the carnations and other flowers on the tablecloth, napkins and the pottery itself.

Stephanie (left) and friends

Quince that the DH and I forced, causing it to bloom early


Rosemary said...

Hoe beautiful! Can't wait to read the menu and hear all about your February tea. Great photos! Nancy

Linda Jennings said...

Your table is beautiful! I look forward to reading more about this tea party.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a BEAUTIFUL table! It sounds like such a nice evening, too. I love the linens that you used...did you make all of them or just add the lace? Either way, that takes to you soon.

Alice said...

Gotta love the smiles of your guests! Your table looked beautiful, everything so thoughtfully done, so pretty. The quince must have been the most special surprise for your friends still stuck in icy winter. I am eager to read your menu and see more photos.

Angela McRae said...

I'm SO glad you'll be sharing about the glucose-free, lactose-free foods. I have a friend with a very restricted diet, and we were at tea at a friend's house once and all she ate was the strawberries! So I've avoided inviting her to tea at MY house for just that reason. Your tea looks just lovely (am QUITE jealous of those amazing candleholders; never seen anything like that!). Oh, and thanks for the link to the blogger friend who wrote about my sugar cubes. I was so honored!

Anonymous said...

The table setting is beautiful,everthing match so lovely. You did such a wonderful job with your sewing. I'm anxious for our tea party in March, our little Lola will enjoy her "second" party with her Aunt Stephanie.

Joyce said...

Very sweet looking table....did you make the tablecover as well? Good job on it all.
Loved the Desert Rose..I used to work at a store that sold it and it was so pretty.
Tell me about the Gluten Free things..I have to follow that diet..blah.
Everything looked wonderful....even the and your husband are quite the "gardeners!"
Sorry about the ice and bad was 78 here yesterday and beautiful again today. :~)

Anonymous said...

What lucky ladies you all were to enjoy such a beautiful tea experience.

Steph said...

Thank you all for the comments! Yes, I made the tablecloth and napkins (just hemmed them and added the lace).

Allison said...

This looks like a lovely event! :)

sweetcakes said...

Yes, az tea lover we were indeed lucky ladies. And it was the most beautiful tea table that I have ever seen.

The Teaist said...

Really lovely setting and so romantic! I didn't know you had such a romantic streak ;) Love the pink colour scheme (guess I must be romantic too :)).

Would love to hear about the recipes! The photos are really great.