Sunday, September 21, 2008

September Tea: Apples In My Bed!

This is my September tea theme posting. Alternate blog titles I considered: Leftovers in Bed, The Bed to Myself, Breakfast in Bed!

I had the bed to myself on a recent morning. The DH had an early appointment and I had breakfast leftovers in the fridge! The DH (dear hubby) had the day before made apple pancakes for breakfast - with extras! And for supper, we had fried apples.

I stumbled downstairs, made a pot of tea, pulled together a pretty napkin and made myself a breakfast tea-tray. Ah, a moment to savor and so easy to do yourself ! The tip is all about breakfast leftovers -- to me, breakfast in bed means definitely NOT cooking!


Alice said...

What a lovely way to treat yourself. Alone in the house, I hope you were able to savor every moment.

Linda Jennings said...

Very nice. Sounds like the best way to eat leftovers!

Philigry said...

ive apple pancakes! we used to have them for dinner growing up!

Rosemary said...

How delightful is that!

Anonymous said...

a joy to behold! I savor those moments too! I hope that you had a good book to indulge in too.