Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Persimmon Hearts

If you need a last-minute, easy and yummy Thanksgiving treat, try these persimmon pastry hearts!  I made up this super-simple recipe, and I look forward to having it again soon.

Fuyu persimmons are new to me.  I grew up in the Midwest with the native persimmon, smaller and only edible when mushy.  When I discovered that fuyu persimmons could be eaten like an apple, I was doubtful...until I took my first bite.  They are yummy raw, but also cooked!  I even had pickled ones recently that were heavenly.
The photo above is from the Asia Tea Tour in 2011.  We visited a street market and these fuyu persimmons were colorful and abundant. (See more pictures of the Beijing street market.)

I had never seen them in the US in a store until I moved to the Pacific Northwest.  Are they now being carried back home in the Midwest or other places?

The recipe is simple...

The filling
* Peel and chop a fuyu persimmon into very small pieces
* Splash on a little lemon juice (just enough to wet)
* Sprinkle on 1-2 tsp of sugar, depending on your preference (it doesn't take much, the fruit is quite sweet)
* Sprinkle on a bit of your favorite spices (I used a sprinkling of cloves)
* Stir and let sit for a few minutes; the mix will get a little juicier

The pastry
* Either make or buy pie crust pastry (vegan versions work well for this!)
* Roll out the pastry to pie-pan size, and fold over to make a double layer (or place two sheets together)
* Cut out heart shapes (you want two layers)
* Open the layers and add a the filling, taking it near the edge
* Press the layers together

The baking
* Bake for ~15-20 minutes, or until the pastry is done and turning golden
* Once or twice during the baking, use a brush to bathe the crust with any juice that escapes (this helps with making it golden, especially for vegan pastry)
* When done, remove from oven and allow the hearts to cool until they can be handled with the fingers
* FYI - I made mine in the toaster oven; it's a fast treat for two


relevanttealeaf said...

I have never eaten a persimmon - Fuyu or otherwise, but I will be sure to check the produce section now. Happy Thanksgiving, Steph!

Marilyn Miller said...

Last year I found these at the Asian Market for 75 cents per pound. I bought 20 of the and made a large salad with pomegranate seeds. Now I am craving them in any form. They are so delicious and I love your idea. Soon I will be off to the market for persimmons. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

South Bay Ladies' Tea Guild said...

Oh, what a great idea! I have a friend with a persimmon tree, and there are 5 persimmons sitting on my counter this very minute. We've been eating them raw, and making persimmon crisp with them (just substitute peeled, chopped fresh Fuyu persimmon in an apple crisp recipe) but this is another great treat.

Ginger said...

Like you I grew up with American/wild/no idea what variety persimmons. I've seen Fuyu persimmons in the grocery store on a rare occasion and I'm sure the Asian grocery store has them. I think I'll give your recipe a try next time I see them.

Steph said...

If anyone tries this, please do let me know how it goes! Improvements welcome.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Karen said...

What a wonderful treat! Thanks for sharing the recipe, Steph. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

The Everyday Tea Drinker said...

We have dozens of trees of the midwest variety of this sweet fruit growing in our yard but I ain't never seen nothin' like these fuyu persimmons. A friend of a friend says she has relatives pick something that sounds like these up off the ground in Mississippi and bring to her each year. This pastry sounds yummy.