Monday, November 05, 2012

Small Things (New Teapot and Pitcher)

Showing the small size of this teapot in my hands

I am very fortunate to have generous friends in my life!  Generous in sharing time, tea, love, support, creative passions, and even gifts.  The little teapot shown above and below is from a friend who thought it matched my taste.  I seem to be drawn to the delicate, small ones.  My friend noticed and gifted this lovely pot to me. (She prefers larger ones.)  THANK YOU! 

It's typical in Gongfu and Wu-Wo style brewing to use a teapot and a serving pot.  Of course then, I needed a serving vessel to coordinate with the teapot.  While a glass one would do, when my friend steered me to this one from local potter Richard Brandt, I knew it was meant to be a pair!  (See Marmalady's writeup on Richard.)

I've dedicated this pot to brewing Oriental Beauty (Bai Hao) and that family of oolong teas (e.g, Concubine).  I've used it several times over the last few weeks, and while it's small and delicate, it's a durable little workhorse, too! 

The serving pot has a lovely texture - smooth with just a bit of roughness for interest.  As I handle it, the pottery will absorb oils from my hands and become shinier.  An extra special bit is the memory I have of talking to Richard, the potter, about this piece at the NW Tea Fest.

There's just something about small things, things that can fit into your hand.  They're comforting to hold, to rub, to tuck away in secret places.  What small things do you treasure?


Angela McRae said...

What a meaningful (and lovely!) gift from your friend. I did not know that about the oils absorbing into it and making the teapot shinier. I *love* that!

Linda Jennings said...

These are very special!

The Teaist said...

Oh, Bai Hao Oolong... so lovely! I have just recently tried it. I also have a Formosa Oolong that seems quite oxidised: would you consider that the same class of tea?

I bought my first Yixing teapot over the summer and dedicated it to Tung Ting. Do you think it could also handle Tie Quan Yin or is that in a different class altogether? (They both seem like quite green Oolongs to me... but I am happy to learn!)

Enjoy your lovely little teapot, it is likely to become a fast friend!

Snap said...

Lovely post and the perfect gift for you! I love small teapots and teacups, too. They feel so good in the hand. The texture of the cup, the heat from the tea ... a whole adventure!

Marilyn Miller said...

Oh I love the little teapot. I was there when you purchased the serving pot, but didn't realize it was to go with this special teapot too. There is indeed something special about small things.