Friday, March 08, 2013

Women of Tea (International Women's Day)

Tea Fields in Darjeeling, India

Today is International Women's Day, and I thought I'd share some photos of the Women of Tea that I've had the privilege of meeting in my tea travels.  The tea world is built upon the contributions of strong and skilled womenThese photos make me feel inspired, grateful and humbled.   
Yellow Tea Farm, China

I am so honored because a few of you have asked me to develop a series of notecards related to my photos of women of tea, to offer for sale.  I've given that request lots of thought, and I'm very grateful for the encouragement!  I've decided to approach this in a novel way.  (I'm not comfortable making a personal profit off of the likenesses of these women.)  However, I've got some ideas may take me awhile, but stay tuned! 
The grand dame of the yellow tea factory

Will she grow up and decide to stay in the tea business?  This is a complex question. 

 Making Tibetan Tea

 Sorting Pu-Erh Tea, China


La Tea Dah said...
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La Tea Dah said...

Wonderful post honoring women around the world. Fantastic photography, Steph!

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Teafan said...

Wow- Those are some stellar photos, and I'm glad you're holding true to your intentions.

somepinkflowers said...

fascinating !!
thank you
so very much for sharing, steph.

only recently
i attending a local tea tasting
my first Golden Imperial Lotus ...

i am learning ...

{{ yes
about the future generations ...
a complex question, indeed. }}

Antiques And Teacups said...

Wonderful post Steph. A great post in appreciation of all the hard working women of the world...especially those involved in our beloved tea.

Angela McRae said...

How perfect to share these for International Women's Day! And I can't wait to see what sort of idea you come up with for sharing these images -- I know it will be unique -- and uniquely YOU!

Marilyn Miller said...

Women and tea are two thing close to my heart. Your cards would be wonderful.

Inspired but Tired said...

The notecards are a wonderful idea, and I am sure you will find a creative way to make it happen.

LuLin Teas said...

This is an inspiring post about woman working in the tea trade - thank you for sharing it.