Saturday, November 19, 2016

Japanese Breakfasts

I'm missing a lot about Japan, including Japanese breakfasts. Here are some examples of what we enjoyed. These photos make my mouth water with longing. 

Rice and miso, salmon, squash, tamago (a lightly sweetened omelette), greens with sesame, fruit - and not shown, tea
Made by the amazing Ikuko at Blodge Lodge

My version of the breakfast above


More deliciousness from Ikuko
Rice, miso, sauteed veggies, pan fried tea leaves, mushrooms and sausage, greens with sweet potatoes, fruit, tea

Big, giant pieces of toast, fried eggs, slices of meat, fruit, cole slaw and
black tea (below)

This interesting breakfast was what we received when we sat down at a small cafe in Kyoto. It was specially prepared for the Westerners - it's just what you got, no options. It was fun and good!  The beverage options were tea or coffee. Tea was black, served with milk or lemon. 


Snap said...

What a fun adventure you had! I do love breakfast.....

Rosemary said...

Such an interesting breakfast variety. Would love to try the pan fried tea leaves!

Marilyn Miller said...

How fun to see the different meals. They do look good. You did a lovely job replicating the breakfast.

Margie said...

YUM! I enlarged the photos so I could ogle and drool over the Japanese breakfasts in more detail.

Unknown said...

Japanese breakfast is always including the black tea, in fact i also prefer black tea instead of coffee, there is no doubt both are used as a good refreshment for the morning, but traditionally tea is more preferable by Japanese.