Friday, October 17, 2008

Tea and Yoga

It's back to the mat for me. I truly believe in the physical wellness pyramid of cardio-flexibility-strength and have been somewhat neglectful of the flexibility part of my health. I've found a yoga class that fits with my schedule and with my needs right now. I sit at the desk all day and I run, and those things tend to yield tight hamstrings. Yoga is very good for me, and I do best when I have a class that keeps me honest with committing to practice!

To celebrate finding this class, I made this nifty yoga mat carrier. Isn't it just so cool!?! I used batik fabric that a friend brought me from Africa. Very special fabric - I think it's very well suited for this purpose of helping me be more flexible (literally and figuratively).

And while I'm being introspective, have you ever thought about the connection between tea and yoga? Both encourage centerdness, both encourage reaching high and getting rooted (green tea - pu erh tea), both have great variety and diversity. I've blogged about yoga and tea once before. Others have noticed this connection, too - like this Tea and Yoga Society of San Francisco.


Marilyn Miller said...

Love your yoga mat carrier. Great fabric. What a nice correlation between yoga and tea.

sweetcakes said...

What a great way to use the fabric from E.! I'm sure she'll love seeing what you've created out of it!

Brittiny said...

Nice! I think that carrier is better looking than the ones I've seen in stores!

I am asking for the "Let's Yoga" Nintendo DS cartridge for Christmas (mainly because it has instructions for "chair yoga" that I can do while sitting at my desk at work).

I walk on the treadmill every other day, but I know that is not enough.

I'm glad you found a yoga class that works for your schedule! Yay for being healthy!! :)

ayla begonia said...


Allison said...

Hi Steph- I agree there is a connection. Both tea and yoga could be described as ancient, ceremonious, and sacred. Those are big but comforting things that fascinate me about each!

Allison said...

Btw, love the yoga mat bag! :)